Sophomore Housing

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Type Traditional Traditional Suite Suite Apartment Apartment Suite/Traditional Apartment
Single $10,330 $10,330 $10,330 $8,240 $8,240 $10,330 $10,330
Double $9,120 $9,120 $9,120 $9,120 $9,120
Triple $7,970
Restrooms On floor On floor In room In room In room In room In room, on floor In room
Gender Inclusive
Theme Community

No buildings meet your criteria.

Suite - Two adjoining rooms with a private bath.

Traditional - Single or double room with shared bath.

Apartment - 2-4 bedrooms with a shared bath.

Gender Inclusive Housing is a housing option at Rensselaer that enables two or more students to share a multiple-occupancy apartment, suite, or bedroom regardless of their gender by mutual agreement.

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