Principles That Guide RPI’s Negotiation With the Resident Assistant Union

Our Vision of the Residential Living Learning Community

  • Maintaining and continuously improving the on-campus student residential experience to support the educational goals, personal visions, and professional aspirations of Rensselaer students.
  • Protecting and nurturing the unique relationship between student RAs and other student residents, ensuring RAs retain flexibility to provide support as needed at any time, including during certain emergent issues and incidents.
  • Keeping student-related academic and disciplinary matters out of the bargaining process.

Our Vision for Resident Assistant Support and Development

  • Retaining a “student first” approach to RAs, which includes minimum academic progress and student conduct standards in selection and renewal of RA positions, and support for personal wellness (behavioral, health, and mental health) that recognizes that the RAs are students, first and foremost.
  • Providing continuous learning and development to the RAs throughout their RA assignment.
  • Maintaining the unique and essential mentoring relationships between RAs and professional staff, which protects FERPA-protected and other sensitive information.
  • Remaining competitive in RA compensation to attract, retain, and support a diverse cohort of highly qualified RAs.
  • Supporting ongoing RA voice and choice in union affiliation and representation.

Our Vision for the Rensselaer Campus Community

  • Engaging in data-driven bargaining, taking guidance from data on comparable roles at comparable universities, including private and STEM-focused institutions.
  • Providing transparency and visibility to the Rensselaer community on the issues and the progress of bargaining negotiations and related labor-relations matters.
  • Applying Rensselaer’s finite financial and other resources in a responsible manner.
  • Applying equitable standards and treatment among RAs, and, where applicable, among RAs and other RPI students.
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