Accountability and Assessment

Each governing council has its own self-governance process, providing a framework to guide them in overseeing their member groups and holding both the groups and their members accountable. The institutional student code stands at the core, serving as the foundational element in ensuring accountability within the fraternity/sorority community. Additionally, each member group within their respective council adheres to a set of inter/national and local bylaws that govern their operations and conduct, fostering responsible engagement with peers and the community at large.

In addition to chapter and council accountability measures, any individual within our community or extended community can report suspected misconduct related to a Greek-lettered organization at Rensselaer. Regardless of the nature of the report, the Institute is committed to investigating and addressing it based on the information provided. Your voice matters, and we strive to maintain a community where accountability and integrity are paramount.

Report a Concern

Report a Concern

Fraternity & Sorority Commons

Immediate Risk to Life or Safety

Call 911
Emergency Services (Rensselaer County), Troy Police, Fire,
Ambulance, New York State Police

Public Safety

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