Housing & Dining Requirement Review Committee

Students with extenuating circumstances may apply to have their situation reviewed by the Housing and Dining Requirement Review Committee.  Students may request the following to be reviewed by the committee:

At times circumstances may arise in students' life which may warrant a housing and/or meal plan waiver.  Admitted Rensselaer students facing extreme financial difficulties, medical/health-related issues, or other circumstances may apply for a Housing and/or meal plan waiver.  Specific reasons a waiver will not be granted include but are not limited to:

  • Signing of an off-campus lease
  • Desire to commute from home
  • Roommate issues
  • Housing available with family in the immediate community
  • Transfer status
  • Lack of understanding that the Housing and Dining Agreement is “binding”
  • Changing circumstances or opinions about housing
  • Desire to live in an off-campus Fraternity or Sorority house (see Fraternity & Sorority Commons housing waiver information)
  • Special hall or room-type request (e.g., single room)

Waiver Requests can be submitted by completing the request form.

Students with specific dietary needs should work with Rensselaer Dining Services Registered Dietician

Due to Medical/Health-Related concerns, students may find it necessary to apply for specific housing accommodations during their time at Rensselaer.  

Rensselaer will accept and consider requests for housing accommodations at any time. The individual making the request for accommodation should submit the request form as soon as possible.  If the request for the accommodation is made after the stated deadlines, Rensselaer cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the individual’s accommodation needs during the first semester or term of occupancy immediately following the belated request.

If the need for accommodation arises when an individual already resides on-campus, the student should submit the request form and then submit all required supporting documentation as soon as possible.  Rensselaer cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the individual’s accommodation needs during the semester or term which the request is received.  

Documentation should include a rationale for all requested housing accommodations, please see documentation guidelines in the request form.

Students with specific dietary needs should work with Rensselaer Dining Services Registered Dietician

Second-year students affiliated with an active, institute recognized Fraternity or Sorority may submit a FS Commons Housing Waiver form which grants them an exemption from the campus housing requirement for their second year, allowing them to live in their organization's Institute recognized facility. However, students are required to return to the Residential Commons for The Arch Summer term.

Students seeking a waiver exemption are required to:

Request Deadlines

All requests must be submitted by the deadlines listed below.  These deadlines are in place to ensure proper billing and placement for students completing the process.

  • For changes to be done to your assignment before the Summer 2023 semester begins, your form must be in by April 27, 2023

  • Returning Students- May 1, 2023
  • Incoming First-Year Students- June 1, 2023
  • New Transfer Students- August 1, 2023

For changes to be done to your assignment before the Spring 2024 semester begins, your form must be in by December 1, 2023.

Please note: Waiver requests received after the deadline may not be reviewed by the committee.  Accommodation requests made after the deadlines above will be made based on if a space is available and may not be met until the next academic year/term

Housing and Meal Plan Waiver Financial Aid Impacts

As described in the Student Guide to Financial Aid:  Rensselaer Scholarship and Grant awards are provided to help finance RPI billable enrollment costs.  They are provided with consideration toward the requirement to live in RPI housing and participate in an RPI meal plan for the first five semesters as a new incoming student and for the first two semesters as a new transfer student. (https://admissions.rpi.edu/aid/guide).

Regardless of the rationale for the housing and/or meal plan waiver request:  

  • If a student is granted a waiver prior to the end of their required participation timeframe, the Office of Financial Aid will re-evaluate the student’s Financial Aid package.   
  • RPI award reductions may be made in consideration that the initial award level was provided based on meeting residential requirements and the student will no longer be meeting the requirements which lead to the initial award level.
  • Waiver approvals result in a reduction to billable charges, not an increase to financial aid.  Students remain responsible to pay all billable charges once any cost and/or aid adjustments are completed.
  • Signing an Off Campus Housing Lease will not exempt you from your Housing and/or Meal Plan requirements at RPI and is not considered a financial hardship for appealing. 

Housing and Dining Requirement Review Committee

The Housing and Dining Requirement Review Committee typically meets every three weeks to review submitted requests.  The Housing and Dining Review Committee consists of representatives from multiple campus offices, including:

  • Student Living and Learning
  • Auxiliary Services/Rensselaer Dining Services
  • Student Health Center/Disability Services for Students
  • Office of Financial Aid
  • Office of Student Success/First-Year Experience

Review committee decisions will be sent to the student's Rensselaer email account.

See the information below regarding the timeframes for submission/review and notification deadlines by semester of meeting:

Waiver Application Submitted by noon on this date:Waiver Committee will review on this date:Students will be notified of the decision by noon on this date:Appeal Deadline
January 20, 2023January 27, 2023January 31, 2023February 5, 2023
February 3, 2023February 10, 2023February 14, 2023February 19, 2023
February 24, 2023March 3, 2023March 7, 2023March 12, 2023
March 17, 2023March 24, 2023March 28, 2023April 2, 2023
April 7, 2023April 14, 2023April 18, 2023April 23, 2023
April 27, 2023May 5, 2023May 9, 2023May 14, 2023

Waiver Application Submitted by noon on this date:Waiver Committee will review on this date:Students will be notified of the decision by this date:Appeal Deadline
May 26, 2023June 2, 2023June 6, 2023June 11, 2023
June 9, 2023June 16, 2023June 20, 2023June 25, 2023
July 7, 2023July 14, 2023July 18, 2023July 23, 2023
July 28, 2023August 4, 2023August 8, 2023August 13, 2023

Waiver Committee Appeals

Students wishing to appeal the committee’s decision regarding a housing and/or meal plan waiver must submit via email with the subject line: “Waiver Committee Appeal” to housingwaivers@rpi.edu.  In this email you should attach a document that contains the following information:

  • Header containing, First Name, Last Name, RIN, E-mail, and contact phone number.  Additionally the type of waiver being appealed (Housing, Meal, or Housing and Meal) and what semester you are applying for a waiver. 
  • A written explanation for why you are appealing the committee’s decision.

Please note: Reasons for appeals should not be due to additional information that the committee was unable to review.  If you have additional information that was not reviewed by the waiver committee you must submit another request for the committee to review the decision.  Appeals will not be granted based on new or additional information.

Appeals must be received by 9:00 am the Monday following the decision email.  All appeals will be reviewed and a decision rendered within two weeks of receiving the appeal document.

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